Positive action, making a difference

Harlow, which celebrated its 70th year as a new town in 2017, has many things to be proud of. From its wonderful green spaces, designed into the very fabric of the town as part of its Master Plan by Sir Frederick Gibberd, its legacy of wonderful public art, including sculptures by Henry Moore, Rodin, Barbara Hepworth, and John Mills across the town, through to its current vibrant arts scene. Most of all though, it can be rightly proud of its communities and its people. Organisations such as Faith Groups, Charitable organisations, youth groups, schools and residents associations, as well as groups of friends and individuals contribute enormously to community life in Harlow.

This website is in part designed to celebrate Harlow’s many great things, places, organisations and people, but most of all it is hoped that this will be a hub to galvanise positive action, to make a difference to Harlow.

It is early days – initially we are going to focus on helping to keep Harlow clean and tidy – inspired by Keep Britain Tidy’s ‘I love where I live’ campaign, with litter picks and community clear ups, but we are most of all looking for ideas for positive action.

If you have a place in Harlow that needs a bit of TLC, or would like to get involved in a community action day, please get in touch. If there is an organisation or an individual who makes a positive difference, send us stories and some pictures and we would be delighted to help give them the accolades they deserve.

If there is a place, an object, or an organisation that you are particularly proud of in Harlow, please send us details.