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Proud of Harlow is excited to sponsor the Environment category of the Harlow Architectural Design Awards (HADA). HADA, now in its fourth year, was set up to encourage the highest standards of architecture, landscaping and development while preserving the environment and the town’s heritage.  This year a specific environmental category hasContinue Reading

Amanda Westbury writes about Gatehouse Arts; Art, Community and Friendship coming together in the heart of Harlow many friendships formed through people working together to realise an idea or concept, through a joint venture putting on a show or event, or by just having a shared interest. Gatehouse Arts firstContinue Reading

Behind my childhood home in Hollyfield, there is a sculpture, in fact if we had a back gate it would open onto a rather prominent stone column. It’s been there as long as I can remember, protruding though the pavement, into the little paved residential square, off-centre enough to suggestContinue Reading

Historians and garden experts describe Sir Frederick Gibberd’s garden as being a ‘20th century masterpiece’ or ‘landscape as theatre’, but it simply makes me smile. Smile because Sir Frederick didn’t have a grand plan for his garden, if something didn’t work he simply moved it elsewhere or got rid ofContinue Reading